We Love Our Grads: Yolanda Ezquerro ’21, Communication Studies

“Through each internship I cultivated and curated exactly what I wanted to do, ultimately falling in love with public relations and deciding to pursue my masters.”

With graduation upon us, we spoke to some of CFA’s talented #LMU21 graduates as they gear up to leave LMU and take on the world. In our We Love Our Grads series, we asked a graduating student from each of our departments to reflect on their time here, as well as share their plans for the future.

Yolanda Ezquerro ’21
Major: Communication Studies
Career Goals: Public Relations

How did you decide to become a communication studies major?

I love the broadness of the communication studies major and the opportunities it offered me to explore different facets of communications and hone my interests and passions. I’ve always known that I wanted to go into a field that embodied creativity and was focused on delivering messages and stories across a variety of platforms. I am also a people person and I love to talk, so it’s a perfect fit for me.

Tell us a little about your time at LMU!

I cannot believe my time at LMU is coming to an end – these past 4 years have flown by in the best way! During my junior year at LMU, immediately before the pandemic hit, I completed my semester abroad in Florence, Italy, one of the highlights of my time at LMU. I ate enough pasta to hold me over for the rest of my life! I loved that my experience abroad put me outside of my comfort zone where I didn’t speak the language or know the culture and it allowed me to grow so much. The memories I created traveling every weekend to Amsterdam, Croatia, Positano, and elsewhere are memories that will always stay with me and remind me of such a formative time in my life.

What are your post-graduation plans and how did you come to that decision?

I will be attending USC to pursue my masters in public relations and advertising as an Annenberg Fellow in Communication and Journalism. From a young age, my family has always stressed the importance of education and taking advantage of expanding my horizons. When I thought about what would complement my theoretical communications background and allow me to focus on applied skills relevant to my professional development, grad school seemed like the natural next step in my journey.

Did you have a particular experience that led you to this path?

During my time at LMU I’ve been fortunate enough to intern with various public relations groups, including boutique firms and more large scale companies – most recently at goop and The A-List – all of which have helped me identify my standout interests. My mom always told me that it was as important to figure out what I didn’t want to do as it was to figure out what I did want to do and every summer I took her words to heart! Through each internship I cultivated and curated exactly what I wanted to do, ultimately falling in love with public relations and deciding to pursue my masters.

What will you miss most about LMU?

Sitting by the bluff – you can’t beat that view!

What advice do you have for underclassmen?

Form meaningful relationships with your professors! Shoutout Dr. Meng Li!