The Art of Healing

Einat Metzl, Ph.D, chair of LMU’s Departmental of Marital and Family Therapy was recently profiled by Playa Vista Direct. In it, she discusses the crucial importance of creative expression when grappling with difficult emotions.

By Shanee Edwards | Photos by Maria Martin

“We’ve all heard that phrase, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Well, I think it’s worth more than that. And I have a big appreciation for words!” says local resident Einat Metzl, chair of Loyola Marymount University’s Marital and Family Therapy Department in the College of Communication and Fine Arts. 

Whether drawn by a traumatized child or a spouse in distress, when that “picture” is used as part of art therapy, it can communicate feelings that words often can’t. “There’s something about the somatic kinesthetic visual connection that cannot be understated,” Metzl says, adding that art “can also help us process things that are more existential and harder to make sense of through logical thought.”

Excerpt printed with permission from Playa Vista Direct. Please click here for the full article.