Students Perform in “Animated Spaces” Across Campus

Students from the dance department performed in a series of outdoor dances around LMU’s campus from October 30th to November 10th. Dancers brought the spontaneous performances to viewers and passersby across venues like the O’Malley lawn, McCarthy Hall, and University Hall. The dances differed from traditional performances through their setting and time – with performances occurring throughout the day – as well as in their content.

Each dance was choreographed specifically for the space in which it was performed. Dancers incorporated their “stage” into each dance; for example, at the performance in front of McCarthy Hall, dancers darted in front and behind palm trees and incorporated concrete steps into their  performance. Each dance was uniquely tailored to the space it brought to life.

“Animated Spaces” offered a unique experience for viewers who unexpectedly found themselves as an audience to these inspired performances.

Photos by Jason Muñoz