President David W. Burcham Launches $100 Million Scholarship Initiative

Working to ease the increasing financial pressure felt by families and students seeking a Loyola Marymount University education, President David W. Burcham launched a three-year, $100 million scholarship initiative. The president called the LMU Scholarship Initiative an imperative during his convocation address to the university community on Oct. 11, 2012.

LMU has a long history of reaching out to students from many different cultures and backgrounds, regardless of means. Our students in the College of Communication and Fine Arts come to LMU passionate about communication studies, music, dance, theatre, art, and clinical art therapy. Many of our best students lack the means to cover the full expense of an LMU degree. While two-thirds of LMU undergraduate students require need-based scholarship assistance, our best efforts are not enough — only 15 percent of these students with demonstrated need have their financial aid requirements fully met.

To address LMU’s critical need for student support, these funds will be strictly for undergraduate and graduate need-based scholarship aid to reduce graduating students’ debt burden and decrease LMU’s need to direct operating funds to financial assistance.

The success of the LMU Scholarship Initiative depends on fundraising for our largest and most pressing goal: permanent endowment of need-based student scholarships. Endowed scholarships offer student support in perpetuity and are the foundation of a strong financial aid program. Over time, the successful investment of endowment funds increases resources year after year and provides scholarship support for generations to come.

The impact of scholarship support for our students in the College of Communication and Fine Arts is meaningful and transformational. Scholarship support enables students to complete their undergraduate education, enter graduate schools and careers without the burden of massive student debt. Scholarship support transforms our university by allowing us to select our students from the widest possible pool of applicants regardless of need, and successfully competing with other top universities to recruit the brightest students from diverse backgrounds. Scholarship support is bigger than one student experience — oftentimes, students who receive scholarships become donors themselves — scholarship gifts establish a chain of giving that extends far beyond a lifetime.

To make a gift to CFA or for additional information about the LMU Scholarship Initiative, please contact Tara Flynn Frates, director of development for the College of Communication and Fine Arts, at or 310.338.3093.

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