MFT Annual Student Art Exhibition Encourages Us to “Breathe”

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Each year, LMU’s Marital and Family (Art) Therapy graduate students present a joint exhibition exploring an aspect important to the practice of art therapy. This year’s exhibition was entitled “Breathe,” and focused on the concept of self-care and its vital importance and impact on psychological and physical health. The exhibition was on view for a week in LMU’s beautiful Thomas P. Kelly Student Art Gallery, and included an opening reception.


“As we journey into developing our art therapy identities, so do we explore self-care practices that help us pause during the chaos of life for just a moment.

While the topic of self-care is not something exclusive to the therapeutic world, it is a theme that most practitioners offer to their clients. Not only do we explore this concept with the person sitting across from us in the therapeutic space, our own practice provides a vital lifeline for us a clinicians allowing us to remain fully present with our clients.

Self-care in and out of the therapeutic space differs from one person to the next and is influenced by our eclectic cultural backgrounds. Whether we engage in deep breathing exercises, jamming out to loud music after a long day, or an impromptu road trip with friends, this show encapsulates our personal ideas of this concept as well as its importance to each one of us through the form of self-care that ties us all together – art.

“Breathe” sheds light on a theme we all can learn more from: how self-care profoundly impacts our psychological and physical health.”

Student Artists

Alejandra Hernandez, Alexandria Loiseau, Allison Sweeney, Andie Dyer, Andrea Lemus Verano, Annie Gwathmey, Anya Kavanaugh, Beta Abdolahi, Beverly Pascua, Caitlin Brosious, Cindy Bryant, Corinne Ho, Emily Hargraves, Emma Burgin, Maggie Knobbe, Nancy Denq, Nicole Rademacher, Reina Bicciche, Sachi Sosna, Silvia Figueroa, Susan Lee, and Tara Al-Taan.