LMU Dance Presents Curious Ground

Students from LMU’s Dance Program showcased their hard work at their annual spring dance concert, which opened on April 11th. This year, the show was titled “Curious Ground.” Dancers and choreographers conveyed nuanced themes and explored human relationships and personal values through their work to deliver impactful performances.

The dances spanned a variety of genres and styles: from slower dramatic pieces to upbeat and theatrical tap dancing, and much more in-between. Some dances highlighted the abilities of soloists, while others paired dancers to explore the interplay of their movements. Still, other dances showcased the grandeur of larger casts, with the largest dance, Joy, featuring 21 dancers. In total there were 13 student choreographed dances, as well as one piece choreographed by an alumnus, Evan Hart Marsh, who choreographed Joy.

The show also benefited from direction and contribution from the faculty and staff of LMU’s Dance Program. Scott Heinzerling and Kristen Smiarowski served as artistic directors for the production. David Karagianis was the Music Director, Patricia McMahon filled the role of Costume Coordinator, Lighting Design was done by John A. Garofalo, and the Production Manager was Heather Romanowski. Students filled production roles such as light board operator and stage manager and played an important role in putting the show together.

Photos by Jason Muñoz