Consort Singers and Laband Art Gallery Join to Pay Tribute to Immigrants

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The LMU College of Communication and Fine Arts’ Laband Art Gallery welcomed the Consort Singers this week to offer an artistic response to the exhibition “Caravan” through two choral performances. “Caravan” is an art installation conceived by internationally-recognized Mexican artist Betsabeé Romero with José Garcia Moreno and David Garden, both faculty in LMU’s School of Film & Television. The exhibition employs Romero’s signature reworking of craft traditions to visually express the conditions faced by immigrants in our contemporary moment.

The Artists’ Role in Social Justice

The aim of “Caravan” is to bring attention to the existential toll the migration crisis has taken on the most vulnerable – those who are forced to live in the shadows for fear of being targeted. “Since artists play a critical role in advancing social justice and humanitarian causes, inviting our esteemed Consort Singers to give their reflections made perfect sense,” said Karen Repp, Director and Curator of the Laband Art Gallery. “We are all deeply moved by the struggle that migrants are facing around the world and through our respective disciplines, we each add to the conversation.”

The Consort Singers

The Consort Singers, a select group of LMU’s most talented singers, gave a stunning a cappella performance, transforming the “Caravan” exhibit into a beautiful space of reflection. Their performance gave voice to the exhibition, encouraging faculty and students alike to feel the weight of the reality of our current immigration crisis.

“Through the music we perform within this space, we hope to reinforce our shared humanity and the respect we feel towards one another,” said T.J. Harper, Associate Professor of Music & Director of Choral Activities. “We hope our performance will shine a light upon our ability to be better and to do better for those who need assistance and love.”

An Inspiring Performance

Harper paid tribute to immigrants by selecting three varied and moving pieces that were performed, including, “O Love” by Elaine Hagenberg, “Pregúntale a ese mar” by Inocente Carreño, and “Xtoles” by Jorge Cózatl. Hearing the vibrant tones of the Consort Singers echo through the space was a moving experience for the audience and performers alike.

The Laband Gallery and Consort Singers collaboration placed a spotlight on the current immigration crisis at our border and honored the importance of our humanitarian efforts through multiple forms of art.