CFA Alumna Gives Fundraising a Boost

Claudine Britz photo ready 2 - CFA Alumna Gives Fundraising a Boost

Claudine Cazian Britz ’00 knows a lot about opportunities and making the most of them. At the start of her career, she followed her curiosity about the radio entertainment business; after working full days at an office job, she volunteered a few extra hours a week to help produce Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to learn more.

A little more than a decade later, Cazian Britz is a vice president of programming and branded entertainment at a vibrant multi-media company. She oversees “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” “American Top 40,” “Direct from Hollywood,” and “iHeartRadio’s: Love Life with Matthew Hussey.” Collectively, these radio shows reach more than 20 million listeners weekly.

“I love radio because it’s immediate,” she said. “With radio, if the story’s breaking, or you have something you want to try out, you can flip on the mic and do it.”

Cazian Britz is currently assisting CFA and the university in its LionShare fundraising campaign.  She is also very active with the LMU Alumni Association and has recently joined the Board of Regents. She has served on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, Loyola Belles 50th Anniversary Committee and as a Grand Reunion and BBQ volunteer.

“I have been all over the world,” she said, “and the people at LMU are by far the most grounded and most generous. Having those people in my life keeps me centered.”

She credits her public speaking and strategic communications classes as an LMU undergraduate as giving her a solid foundation to build her career on. Cazian Britz advised that to be a well–rounded broadcaster or media executive, a person needs to be able to speak effectively/persuasively and know how to make quick strategic decisions in an ever-changing market.

Additionally, Cazian Britz consults students on how to reach their full potential via her DevelopU Consulting company and can be reached at

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