CFA 2017 Graduate Reflections on LMU and the Future

We are so proud of all the CFA students who will be receiving diplomas on May 6, and asked a few of them to give us some final thoughts about LMU and their futures as they prepare to leave the bluff for exciting new adventures. Congrats to all of our grads!


Yadira Enciso, Art History ‘17

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Yadira Enciso ’17

Starting this August, I will be serving with the St. Joseph Worker Program. This program is part of the Catholic Volunteer Network, an organization comprised of hundreds of domestic and international volunteer opportunities. As a St. Joseph Worker, I will be giving myself to full-time service for 11 months, serving the poor and most vulnerable of Santa Ana and Orange County. Specifically, I will be working full time as a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant at St. Joseph Catholic School.

My decision to pursue post-grad service was greatly influenced by the social justice mission of LMU in the “service of faith and promotion of justice.” Through the courses I’ve taken, mentors I’ve had, and experiences LMU has given me, I want nothing more than to live as a woman “for and with others” as I graduate and move beyond the bluff.


Daniella Coradini, Music ‘17

Daniella for web 300x300 - CFA 2017 Graduate Reflections on LMU and the Future
Daniella Coradini ’17 (left) starred as the Old Maid in the Sinatra Opera Workshop production of “Old Maid and the Thief.”

I am really going to miss the amazing professors and faculty at LMU. I have been blessed to have some fantastic professors who were willing to get to know me and who truly care about my well-being. I’ve had professors who have held late night review sessions before an exam or final and ordered pizza. I’ve had professors who have come to my musical performances even when the teach in a different college. LMU has top notch faculty who don’t just teach you about their field of expertise, but also teach you about being the best version of yourself. I am forever grateful for those lessons.


Leyla Salmassian, MFTH ‘17

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Leyla Salmassian ’17

LMU’s program of Marital and Family Therapy with specialized training in Clinical Art Therapy offered me the opportunity to grow in extraordinary ways. The program’s profound impact on my shaping and growth, academically, clinically and personally, has led to my desire to further continue studies and develop a strong, original voice in the field of psychotherapy. This intent has led to my acceptance into Pacifica Graduate Institute’s well-regarded Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with emphasis in Somatic Studies, where I plan to further my engagement and growth and contribute to the field’s clinical, academic and scholarly practices.


Blake Kevin Dwyer, Theatre Arts ‘17

Blake for web 300x300 - CFA 2017 Graduate Reflections on LMU and the Future
Blake Kevin Dwyer ’17 starred as Guido in the Department of Theatre’s production of “Nine.”

As a theater arts major, one of the benefits of being a senior is having the opportunity to audition for the senior showcase. It is a night where 15-20 students have the opportunity to perform in front of a house full of agents, managers and casting directors. My hope is to gain representation from this showcase as my first stepping stone off of the bluff and into Los Angeles. With representation, my goal is to continue to educate myself through vocal lessons, improv and acting classes, while attending auditions and working.


Victor Masetti, Studio Arts ‘17

Victor for web 300x300 - CFA 2017 Graduate Reflections on LMU and the Future
Victor Masetti ’17

After graduating from LMU, I travel to Singapore and attend the one-year industrial design program at the Feng Zhu School of Design. The school is a niche program focused on intensive fundamental and design basics to prepare students for a field in concept design. My goal after attending this school and for the future is to become a concept artist and eventually an art director at a video game or film studio like the ones that have inspired me since I was a young child.