Yarn Bombing Los Angeles Activates the Dunning Courtyard

On Saturday, January 20, Yarn Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) “took over” LMU’s George A.V. Dunning Courtyard and the entrance to the Laband Art Gallery with multiple artwork interventions that include knitting, crocheting, sewing, felting, weaving, and other fiber construction techniques. These site-specific artworks are a whimsical outdoor installation designed to complement to the Laband’s winter art exhibition New Threads: Perspectives In Contemporary Fiber Art.

The LMU community was invited to participate by submitting works to be included in the installation. We thank the four core members of YBLA: Julie Kornblum, Judy Richards, David Orozco and Darlyn Susan Yee as well as participating artists Bernice “Bee” Colman, Dreameco Crafts (Amy Bauer & Richard Hecht) with Britta Amundsen, Sandy Dingman, Susana Ethial, Gia “Hooked Hands” Forsyth, Heather Hoggan, Kristen Johannesen, Theresa Knopf, Meg Lewis, Sandy Lewis, Carolyn Mason, Nicole Murph, Cat Chiu Phillips, Connie Rohman, Threadwinners (Alyssa Arney & Liz Flynn), Edna Torres and Mariam Youssef.

YBLA will return to LMU on February 17 from 12 to 3 pm for a public yarnbombing session, as part of the ongoing events programming for the New Threads exhibition. All ages and skill levels are welcome to join in this informal session. YBLA will have tools and materials on hand for all participants to add their creations to enhance Dunning Courtyard.


A Piece of Me, 2018
Facilitated by Yarn Bombing Los Angeles
Site-specific, multi-piece installation
Wool, acrylic, nylon, polyester and mixed media
Dunning Courtyard, Burns Fine Arts Center, LMU