We Love Our Grads: Carys Quezada ’18, Music

With graduation upon us, we spoke to some of CFA’s talented #LMU18 graduates as they gear up to leave LMU and take on the world. In our We Love Our Grads series, we asked a senior from each of our departments to share some words about their time here, as well as their plans for the future.

Carys Quezada, ‘18
Double major: Music and Economics
Next step: Graduate School at University of Texas!

How did you decide to major in Music?

Both my parents are professional musicians, so I have been playing the cello nearly my entire life. When I began at LMU, I thought I would just be an economics major, however, I wanted to continue to pursue my passion for the cello. So, I started playing in the LMU orchestra and in ensembles, until I decided to minor in Music. However, all of the faculty are so phenomenal that I felt like I needed to take more classes with them and learn more, so I decided to add Music as a double major.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduating from LMU, I will be attending the University of Texas to pursue a Master of Economics. I definitely want to further my education and I’ve always wanted to attend grad school, and although I would love to continue on in music as well, I hope to go into the field of data analysis, so I chose to go to grad school for economics.

How do you feel your experience at LMU prepared you for this next step?

One of the best tools that I learned as a Music major was effective time management. As a double major with music ensemble classes nearly every evening, I learned how to take advantage of small breaks of time to complete homework and I learned that preparation in advance is critical.

What will you miss most about LMU?

After graduation, I will definitely miss the music ensembles the most. Being able to collaborate with my amazingly talented peers while being instructed by faculty who are experts in their fields is a priceless experience, and I will cherish all of those memories.

What advice do you have for underclassmen?

My advice would be to get involved with as much as possible and to say yes to as many opportunities that come their way. The time really flies by fast, so savor the moments with meaning.

Pictured above: Carys performing with LMU’s Chamber Orchestra.