Theatre Arts Students Celebrated in End-of-Year Awards Ceremony

Every spring, the Loyola Marymount University Theatre Arts Department celebrates student achievement through an Annual Awards Presentation. This recognition of sustained artistic and intellectual growth encompasses the many areas that make up the theatrical art form; acting, design, directing, stage management, playwriting, history, literature, criticism and dramaturgy.

During the ceremony, Theatre faculty have the special honor of bestowing the Sam Wasson and Virginia Barnelle Scholarships, the St. Ignatius Award for Theatre for Social Justice as well as the Annette Simons Scholarship, which is shared between Theatre and Dance. Also presented are the Barnelle, St. Gensius, and Program Scholar Awards, which will go to three exceptional graduating seniors.

“This time of year is typically capped off with a big picnic and the awards presentation which marks the last time we are all together before we disperse for the summer,” said Theatre Arts Professor and Chair Katharine Noon. “As we all know this year is different but we did not want to miss a chance to celebrate our students for all they have achieved.”

“Theatre is an art form that depends on collaboration in a room together with each other and with an audience,” Noon continued. “Theatre is also an art form that thrives in adversity and is full of creative individuals who solve problems. This ceremony is for all of you, our students, who are still creating and thriving even as you negotiate a new normal. I know we all be together soon but until that time let’s connect in every way that we can.“


Full list of recipients

Sustained Achievement Awards Sustained Achievement in Acting:

*Alan Corvaia
*Sam Pribyl
*Camryn Portagallo
*Izzy Johnson
*Milica Vrzic

Sustained Achievement in Stage Management:

*Collette Mendoza
*Shannon O’Kane

Sustained Achievement in Directing

*Priscilla Moreno
*Leire Aguilar Kelly

Sustained Achievement in Playwriting

*Kennedy Smith

Sustained Achievement in Design and Technical Theatre

Costume Design

*Sylvia Yang

Set Design

*Jessie Yu
*Sofia Cassidy

Sustained Achievement in Stage Combat

*Rose Raddatz

Sustained Achievement in History/Literature/Criticism

*Sofia Cassidy
*Alan Corvaia

St. Ignatius Award for Theatre and Social Justice
Given to the student whose work in Social Justice through theatre exemplifies lifting others as you climb and using art to change society for the better

*Cecille Forsyth Rios

Annette Simons Scholarship
Joint scholarship with dance, determined by the two chairs in consultation with faculty. Student must be a significant presence in both Theatre Arts and Dance.

*Vincent Prom

Sam Wasson Scholarship
Student must participate in both tech and performance and exemplify the spirit of Sam Wasson, an LMU Theatre major who passed away in 2007 and was much beloved and respected by his peers and teachers.

*Zoe Carr

Virginia Barnelle Scholarship
Acting scholarship for rising soph/jr/sr.  Given to the student who best exemplifies the spirit of department founder Virginia Barnelle as an actress – dedication to craft, giving to other performers onstage and off, and a fierce devotion to excellence in the art of acting.

*Taylor Montgomery

Program Scholar Senior Award  (given to student with highest GPA)

*Lauren E. DePass

Saint Genesius Award
Given to the graduating senior who has most exemplified the spirit of giving and commitment to Theatre and the department.  This student is the one who always volunteers, has made a difference, and has the respect of their peers

*Juan Bernal

Virginia Barnelle
Given to the graduating senior who best exemplifies the spirit of department founder Virginia Barnelle: commitment to the art, the department, and high quality performance, leadership in the program, and a presence whenever s/he is in the room.

*Madison Hansen