Studio Arts Senior Thesis Exhibitions Go Digital

A crucial aspect in the curriculum of any studio arts major involves the opportunity to showcase their art. This is particularly essential for our LMU Studio Arts seniors, who typically culminate their college experience with the Senior Thesis Exhibitions for either Fine Arts, Graphic Design or Multimedia Arts.

This year, those exhibitions moved online, and the three shows were mounted in a virtual environment, allowing our seniors to still participate in this critical aspect of their academic process. The experience, while different in format this year, was designed to allow our students to closely mimic the learning outcomes of past years, while ensuring as much continuity of instruction as possible. The students were deeply involved in the exhibition process, and worked closely with faculty and gallery staff on the usual assignments of exhibition design, promotion, and artwork presentation.

Below please find links to the three Senior Thesis Exhibitions presented by our talented students.

Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition

Graphic Design Senior Thesis Exhibition

Multimedia Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition