LMU Choruses “Underdog” Video Garners Two Clio Awards

In 2020, female members of the Loyola Marymount University Choruses participated in the Grammys’ 2% Choir, highlighting the underrepresentation of women in the music production industry. This video has now been honored with two Clio Awards – a Grand Music Clio for Use of Music in Audio and a Silver Music Clio for Film/Video.

“Following more than a year of significant challenges related to the pandemic, receiving notification of this award felt like a special kind of gift reminding us of the power of music to impact the lives of those around us,” said T.J. Harper, DMA, LMU director of choral activities and music department chair. “I am extremely proud of our students who have helped to place a spotlight on the fact the women only make up 2% of the popular music profession. Opportunities of this nature speak directly to the talent and ability of the singers within the LMU Choral Ensembles.”

Produced by the Recording Academy in conjunction with the 2020 Grammy Award Ceremony, the video features women from LMU Choruses performing an arrangement of “Underdog” by Alicia Keys, raising awareness about the underrepresentation of women in the music production profession. Over the course of the video, the singers begin to slowly sit down to symbolize the marginalization of women in the industry. At the end, only a single woman – 2% of the full choir – is left to sing alone.

Congratulations to our wonderful choir and community members who participated in the making of this powerful video,” said Bryant Keith Alexander, Ph.D, dean of the LMU College of Communication and Fine Arts. “The piece is stunningly beautiful and powerful. Each person brings her/their voice and presence to embody the power of music and performance to not only entertain, but to make critical statements about the socio-political conditions in which we live, and how issues of diversity, (in)equity, and inclusion impacts us all – in all sectors of society.”