“Hair” Takes Audiences Back to the 60s

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This winter, LMU’s Theatre Arts Program tackled Hair by Gerome Ragni and James Rado. Set in New York City, Hair tells the story of a group of city teens and the tension between their generation’s counter-culture values and the impending threat of the Vietnam War draft.

The show follows an ensemble cast of eccentric, energetic, and sometimes brooding adolescents, balancing spirited hijinks and rebellion with the sense that tragedy is lurking somewhere in the shadow. Each member of the cast has a chance to shine, with the rhythm of the show being carried from song to song. The sense of humor the show is irreverent and unafraid to scandalize, capturing the rebellious spirit of the time. Members of the cast masterfully transitioned from brooding monologues to energetic dance numbers and ended the show with the captivating all-cast rendition of “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In.”

This year’s musical offered a unique opportunity for students to see a culturally relevant work from our nation’s history, as well as a chance for some of our faculty, staff, and community members to relive an influential work from the late 60s. Boasting stellar performances by all our students, the show captivated new and returning audiences alike.

Photos by Jason Muñoz