Entertainer Kate Micucci ’03 Stays Close to Her Alma Mater

A strength of LMU, and the College of Communication and Fine Arts in particular, is the ongoing involvement of distinguished alumni. A case in point: entertainer Kate Micucci ’03. She can be seen in films such as Mike Birbiglia’s latest movie “Don’t Think Twice” and will star in a romantic comedy “Unleashed,” which will both be released later this year. Micucci will also be featured in an animated movie called “Nerdland,” which is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City this April. She can be heard as the voice of Velma in the new animated TV series “Be Cool Scooby Doo” and the voice of Daisy the bunny in the PBS series “Nature Cat.” Micucci is one half of the musical comedy duo, Garfunkel and Oates, whose comedy special will premiere this May on Vimeo.

While busy pursing a successful career as an actress, comedian, singer-songwriter, and artist, Kate still remains committed to her alma mater. She is very engaged with the College of Communication and Fine Arts through her membership on the CFA Council, and she has offered advice to CFA students by sharing stories about her journey from LMU to Hollywood.

Micucci has also established the Kate Micucci Art Scholarship in CFA to show her gratitude for the scholarships she was awarded during her LMU career and to “pay it forward” by helping other students.

Micucci also draws, paints, sculpts, writes and is an accomplished sand castle artist. What’s certain is she’s juggling a lot of projects and working hard to disprove the high school teacher who told her she’d never be able to make a living doing music, art and acting. “That really, really affected me. I said I’m going to prove this guy wrong. Every day I’m making something. I wouldn’t know how not to do that.”

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