Senior Dance Majors Shine in Online Capstone Thesis Presentations

View the student dance videos and presentations here.

Each year, LMU senior dance majors are invited to conceive of and execute a Capstone Senior Thesis Project. The results of these projects vary from original short form choreography for both the stage and screen, to performance study, to somatic certification, to Dance as Social Justice, and many others that capture the imagination of our seniors and offer a glimpse of how they hope their careers will unfold. Each student is closely mentored by a faculty member throughout their process, and are encouraged to allow their projects to unfold and evolve into the stage, screen, print, and other presentations, which we enjoy year after year.

Typically our senior theses are presented as live, on-campus presentations and performances, and we are so proud of our seniors this year, who overcame the challenging circumstances to produce some truly creative and boundary-pushing work. We welcome you to this year’s presentation of the Class of 2020; a wonderful, amazing, beautiful group of young artists and scholars who we affectionately call ‘The Troublemakers.’

-Damon Rago, Professor of Dance