LMU Music Celebrates 20 Years of Children’s Concerts

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CFA’s Department of Music recently presented the 20th Annual Concerts of Music for Children in January, highlighting music by Robert Schumann, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ruther Crawford Seeger, Koichi Kishi, and Dave Brubeck; with performances by members of the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company (LACDC), The Actors’ Gang, and LMU’s chamber and percussion ensembles and faculty.

Sponsored by the Sinatra Opera Workshop and coordinated by LMU Music Faculty Tania Fleischer, voice and instrumental students are featured as part of this spirited program, which entertains children of all ages from local communities. The event was an excellent opportunity for our talented students and faculty, as well as our guest performers, to reach a new audience and expose young ears and eyes to classical music and dance.

This event is a cherished LMU tradition unique from any other music event. Our opera singers and instrumentalists shone in their usual standout performances, but this particular event featured creative utilization of energetic dancers and actors as well as thematic set pieces. The Actor’s Gang put on a shadow puppet production of Tom Thumb, and the percussion ensemble performed an inspired piece entirely with lighters. Artwork by young students from Cowen Elementary School was featured during a performance of Taketori’s Story by Koichi Kishi, with musical accompaniment by Clinical Viola and Violin Faculty Ken Aiso and accompanist Valeria Morgovskaya. LACDC dancers accompanied music student performances with dances during excerpts from The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart, and during Points on Jazz by Dave Brubeck, performed by four pianists.