CFA Staff Cart Raises Food Donations for Campus Pantry

Each year, as part of the LMU Staff BBQ, there is a cart decorating contest to raise canned food donations. The CFA MASHIES (Making Awesome Stuff Happen) team who decorated the cart is proud to announce that the CFA cart received third place in a very close contest! This year, all food was donated to the Center for Service and Action Food Pantry, a free and confidential resource available to LMU students facing hunger or food insecurity due to hardships. It is located in between the Center’s office and St. Roberts Hall. Read more.

The CFA cart represented all the departments that comprise our eclectic and artistically-minded college, where we believe that communication and art go hand in hand. Words were attached to the cart to evoke the messages that are dear to many of our departments, including “social justice,” “prison reform,” “immigration,” along with art pieces, music, representations of dancers and theatre themes, all finished with handmade God’s eyes on each of the wheels.

The CFA cart was lovingly decorated by the MASHIES, which is made up of the College’s Senior Administrative Coordinators Nicole Murph, Carol Jones, Tashi Cardinali, Lisa Lugo, Jeanine Uribe, and Lori Gloyd, as well as Eric Escalante, Bill Vaughen, David Yee and Dance major Caeli Koizumi.

Above is a slideshow of images of the CFA cart parked at the LMU Staff BBQ event.