Art History Clinical Faculty Elevated to Tenure-Track


This summer, the Department of Art and Art History of the College of Communication and Fine Arts promoted Dr. Amanda Herring to a full-time tenure track faculty member. With a specialization in ancient Greek and Roman art history, she has been at LMU since 2012 as a clinical assistant professor. Dr. Herring received a B.A. degree in art history and classical archaeology from Dartmouth College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in art history from UCLA.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have hired to the tenure track such an accomplished teacher-scholar as Amanda Herring,” said Dr. Damon Willick, chair of the department of art history. “Dr. Herring makes the ancient world vibrantly relevant to her twenty-first century students by highlighting the interconnectedness of past worlds with our own.”

Dr. Herring’s research investigates the art and architecture of Hellenistic Greece, examining the spread of Hellenism in Asia Minor and the resultant hybrid artistic products. Focusing on the site Lagina, her current work explores how individuals’ personal interactions with sacred architecture played a crucial role in defining the space and its meaning in the broader context of the Hellenistic world. Her forthcoming publications focus on the site of Magnesia on the Meander in both the ancient and modern periods. The first examines the site’s Sanctuary of Artemis as an expression of the city’s conflicted civic identity, while the other looks at the role that photography played in the site’s excavations.

She has presented her work widely at numerous scholarly conferences, including at the meetings of the College Art Association and the Archaeological Institute of America.

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